Data Disasters

FlashDriveOver the past 17 years or so during my IT career I have come across countless instances of weeping fellow colleagues and friends on the wrong side of the recycle-bin.

Accidently hitting the shift key and delete at the same time, formatting a memory stick (“I did not mean to do that!”), a nasty virus or your laptop going bang!

The worst thing I could say in such circumstances is “Did you back up your data?” – the look says it all. “Nope – don’t even ask!”

All is not lost however to the relief of most victims.  Most data is recoverable.  You just need the know-how, some simple software and all the sudden you are someone’s best friend. For life.

When a file is deleted – even with the shift key – most file systems do not actually remove the file – it just removes a tag or header to say that a file exists.  The actual data (blocks of information) is left on the hard disk or  memory stick.  Even when you format the disk.  The only time when the data is gone for good is (in most cases) when these bits of information on the hard disk are overwritten.  The less you use your device after a data disaster the better in this case.

The worst case scenario (and I must admit to doing this myself), is overwriting a file with an older version or a blank document.  In this case, 9 times out of 10 it is tuff. Stupid mistake. Get over it and don’t do it again.

There are all sorts of methods IT professionals use to recover deleted data, which I will not go in to here, but in a lot of cases there is usually a way.

Click and Fix provides a data recovery service to homes and business in Cardiff. As with any type of recovery it is done on a best endeavour basis and if there is no recovery there is no charge. Use the contact form to get in touch!