Can’t Open Microsoft Word Document

corrupt work document problem with contents
We’re sorry. We can’t open your document because we found a problem with its contents.

Email me your corrupt document and I will attempt to recover it. No recover no fee!  Cost of document recovery is only £15.00 GBP payable via Paypal.

I was recently able to recover a corrupt word document. It happened to be a very important manuscript for a book, over 300 pages long belonging to a prestigious author in the UK.  For no apparent reason the document failed to open and there was no backup available.  Microsoft Word displays a rather unhelpful message that states “We’re sorry. We can’t open document.docx because we found a problem with its contents.”  One attempt to open the document using an alternative to Word (LibraOffice on a Linux system) resulted in opening the first 30 pages only.  Obviously this can lead to a desperate situation.

I can attempt to recover the full document as long as it not password protected or encrypted.  Simply contact me at with details and agreement to pay the recovery fee of £15.00 GBP if recovery is successful.  If I am able to fully recover the document then this will be emailed back to you.  Feel free to contact me if you need further information.


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